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  • Oh, Hi There!

    It’s been¬†2 1/2 years since I last posted anything. While I have kept the back-end up to date, I just kind of lost all will to write or comment on anything. ¬† Perhaps it is our social media culture shift and our need for short articles that cut to the point? I do, of course,…

  • Ingress 1.37.2 download

    Ingress 1.37.2 download

      Ingress 1.37.2 has been pushed out to about 10% of users. Fortunately, you’re savvy enough to go hunt it down on the Internet! This version of the Ingress scanner gives you the ability to look at other agents’ profiles. A really useful feature. ¬†Unfortunately, it still doesn’t give an item count.      …

  • Common Linux Command Line Tools – grep

    The beginning of a series of real-world usage examples for the most commonly used Linux commands. grep is a tool designed to search through file contents for certain words, numbers or patterns, and is probably one of the most useful tools in a sysadmin’s arsenal.