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How to continue to have fun as a bitter vet in Eve Online

I used to hate internet people.  I abhorred the idea of an MMORPG, as I never wanted to depend on someone else for my gaming enjoyment.  my first real MMORPG was Star Wars Galaxies.  I played the shit out of that game, even after Sony screwed it up.  Twice.  What finally made me quit?


Surprisingly, it wasn’t having to deal with people that made me quit, it was the lack of people. All my “friends” quit playing, so the game was boring.

In the fall of  ’06 .  My first 4-5 months were spent in a small corp running missions.  We moved to lowsec and started living out of a POS.  I continued to run missions to try and earn ISK, but kept getting blown up by lowsec pirates.

I ragequit for 4-5 months.

I went and did other things, even trying to go back to SWG for awhile. But during this time I became more and more addicted to a couple internet forums, mainly due to the fact that keeping one of them running was what paid my bills. I eventually came back to Eve.

I joined up with Goonfleet, as I had been a long on-again-off-again member of Something Awful. This was about a month after CCP ‘fixed’ remote doomsdays, and Goonfleet killed Shrike.

Most of you probably know the history of the Great War, and have seen it told 50 different ways, so I don’t need to bore you with how it went from my end. Besides, that’s not what this post is about.  If you’ve made it this far, you probably want to know why I keep playing, even after getting (and losing!) a titan.

It’s the people.

I’ve become good, real-life friends with a lot of eve goons. we get together and hang out a few times a year en-masse, and have smaller get-togethers in between.  I spend more time talking about eve to people than I do actually logged in, playing the game.  I’d let quite a few of them crash at my house should they ever need a place to stay, and I’d even happily let just about any of them fuck my sister if I had one.

So really, the anti-climatic end to this is, people make Eve fun. I would have quit playing this terrible, terrible game a long time ago were it not for my daily interactions. People from all walks of life play Eve Online, Lawyers, 20-somethings living in their parent’s basement, IT professionals, unemployed stoners, that guy bagging your groceries and quite probably even you.

So, if you’re contemplating quitting eve because you find it boring, it’s because you haven’t found the right group of people to hang out with in game. Keep trying. The Eve community is really just a collection of smaller groups of people with their own interests. Find a group of people that share similar interests, and it’ll be like playing a whole new MMORPG.

  • EVE is not a game about spaceships and EVE is not going to turn into a sci-fi parody of WoW when Incarna hits. You know why?

    The people.

    EVE is a game about the people that play it. Form the metagame, to the bloggers, to joining 1000 other EVE players in one system and making the servr crash, to simply going out in a cheap ship and blowing other players’ ships to shrapnel. EVE is a game about the players and how they interact, always has been and always will be. All the spaceships and Incarna barbies and mining and fleet battles are just window dressing.

  • After meeting a few tweetfleet members this past Wednesday in Chicago, and after almost quitting myself I agree with everything you said. The people are what makes this game. I really enjoyed meeting Rettic, Webspaceships, Nocipe, and Avraham Avinu at a little bar in Chicago. We had a great time talking about EvE and other stuff. I feel closer to the game now, and the people I play with have faces. I’ve met my CEO from my corp (which I’ve been with two years now) in person as well.

    It’s been a great time, and THAT is what keeps me going. Same thing you said.


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  • George

    I dont know man. I played for 4 years, but then i burned out. Maybe because of huge blobs, and less small gangs PvP. And whats strange that most of buddies feel the same.

  • Hank

    I’m assuming based on my own experience that most people don’t originally sign up to Eve because they want to make friends in ‘space yahoo’. This is the aftermath of players being starved of any real experience, and picking up the only thing of perceived value, the CHAT!!!!
    It’s like waiting in line for a roller coaster with your friends for not 45 minutes but months on end…and eventually you realize it’s not about the ride anymore but chatting with your buds while you wait.
    They sign up because of the promise of epic fleet battles, scorched planets and so on, …but it’s all to suck you in and pay the money.
    THe clever psychological hook they dangle in your face to keep you paying each month, knowing that by the time you can plex your account, all but the hardcore fans will have found something better to play. Out with the old and in with the new. It must be this way because the server can only have 30-50k people at the same time, it simply can’t support a growing community, it must cull on the regular.
    So the eve community is comprised of new (1-2) starry eyed players chasing the dragon, and the old hardcore players who , quite frankly I believe their fuses have blown and now engage in endless circular and simplistic repetition.Likely being ‘vets’ of the virtual world gives some sense of pride, increases their dopamine, etc. More likely it’s people who like to be kept busy, they equate being busy with being entertained.
    But those gamers who’ve not had their brains melted by boredom and repetition, eventually realize what EVE is, not before having paid CCP ‘x’ amount to discover the truth and wasting ‘x’ hours.
    I’ve put in over a year, tried almost everything the game has to offer and belly-up every time because all the activities are dull, repetitious and time consuming.
    Eve is a universe of 5000 systems that all look exactly the same filled with people trying to kill each other for no purpose – get 1000 kills for what? One day you kill, the next you get killed, rinse and repeat, day after day after month after year.
    Eve isn’t a game, it’s a way for CCP to extract money from you by offering shit veiled in promises of a game. 8+ hours of grinding for two minutes of actual real fun, if you’re lucky. From someone who put this game to the test and tried everything, I’m calling a spade a spade.

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