No Freighter is Safe! – The Ministry of Love and Empire Freighter Ganking

A couple weeks ago, I decided to join back up with the Ministry of Love, and head off to do what I most love about Eve Online, harvest the tears of the empire dwellers in Eve Online.   Unfortunately, there was a problem, since Hulkageddon, DaiTengu managed to get himself down to -10 sec status, which wasn’t an issue for jumping into a brutix and soloing a hulk or mackinaw.  However, it is a problem if you want to team up and kill a freighter.

So, how does one solve this problem?  By going on a sec safari, of course!

sec safari
You can’t see it, but they’re using those “cameras” to lock a Guristas Usurper.

It’s fairly well known that the best way to gain security status is to kill a high-value rat in a system, then go to the next system, lather, rinse & repeat.  This is especially easy to do if you’ve got a group of 5-6 tornadoes, as you can warp in, insta-pop a battleship rat, then warp to the next system right away before they even have a chance to do any damage to you.  Each person who aggresses on that rat will receive sec status for that system.  You find a nice pipe of systems that are bordered by a jump-bridge from the end to the beginning, and you can run around for hours, grinding your security status back up.  I’ve put about 5 hours into DaiTengu so far, much of it by myself in a Tengu (heh, DaiTengu flies a Tengu! CCP named a ship after me!), and I’m “up” to -3.3 from -10.

In the meantime I’ve been using an old mission-running alt to blow up freighters with a Brutix. That character’s now at -4.0 (and has been involved in about a dozen freighter kills), and in dire need of a sec safari of his own.  Perhaps one of these days I’ll figure out what this whole ISBoxer thing is all about, so I don’t have to do all this clicking manually.

The freighter ganks I’ve been a part of total around 60 billion ISK, and The Ministry of Love has scooped about half of that in loot.  The question is though, why kill twelve freighters, when you can make that much ISK just by killing one? This guy thought it would be OK to run 57b ISK in blueprints and PLEXes through Uedama with no consequences at all.

So, I’m not going to end this post by telling you not to move 20b ISK worth of stuff in a freighter.  I’m going to end it by begging you to actually do so.  For the first time in years, I may actually be able to re-subscribe all 5 of my Eve accounts off the stuff you drop!


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