Got scammed in Eve Online? Take it to the Better Business Bureau!

Rich “Lowtax” Kyanka  posted the following on twitter about an hour ago:


The story, as best as I can figure it out is as follows:

Some guy wants to join the illustrious Goonswarm Federation alliance and,  more specifically, its main corporation, Goonwaffe.  I am unsure if he was scammed out of ISK initially, but I really hope he was.  Anyway, he apparently heard through the grapevine that Goonwaffe does not openly recruit, and only accepts members from The Something Awful Forums. Being an astute fellow, he decided signing up for the SA forums would be his best chance of getting into Goonswarm.  Unfortunately for him, Goonswarm’s recruitment policies are a little more strict than “pay , get in Goonwaffe”.  Generally you need to be a member of SA for awhile as well as demonstrate at least a minor aptitude in the posting arts.  This person did neither, instead, this happened:

click me for the full size.

You can, of course, see these posts in all their glory starting right here.

So, jss59 gets banned shortly after making a couple terrible posts. With it go his hopes and dreams of ever joining Goonwaffe. What do you do if you’ve lost $10 trying to join an internet spaceship guild?  What else? You report it to the Better Business Bureau!


Update 11/29/2012:  @CentralTexasBBB appears to have seen my tweet, and they were kind enough to respond!

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