A (giant) Box Arrives…

Editor’s noteThis article was originally posted over at EternalIS Research by Jessie Brickner. It is reposted here with permission (and at his request!)


Disclaimer: I am a participant in the AMD Test Drive program. All parts in the system build have been provided to me, by AMD, free of charge. My obligation is to provide a truthful review, whether positive or negative, and share it with others.

The day finally arrived when the FedEx delivery truck was supposed to deliver my system kit. I had heard all about the size of the box and the contents but yet, where was mine? I had the tracking number and all indications were that it was out for delivery but as each hour passed, I became more and more impatient. Like a child at Christmas, I anxiously waited and silently hoped that I would receive it much earlier than the 9:00 PM deadline. A few more hours passed when, like Santa’s sleigh bells in the middle of the night, I heard the rumble of a delivery truck and just knew that the fat man in a red coat had finally arrived. Well, not to get too carried away, he was a she and she wasn’t wearing a red coat but none-the-less I did bear witness to her struggles as she tried to load the box on the dolly and pull it up to my front door.  Of course, being the gentleman that I am, I did so meet her halfway and took possession of it. Like a lumberjack, I hoisted the incredibly large box on my shoulder and proudly marched back into my house, a sight to which I am certain none of my neighbors noticed.

After clearing a place on the kitchen tab, er, I mean Official Test Work Bench™ I did place the unopened box. For your viewing pleasure, this is what it looked like:

The Box












Now, one might wonder what could possibly be in the box. I knew some of the contents but did not know all in particular, so with my trusty sidekick in tow, we began to unbox the box. My trusty sidekick, AKA Willow, would like you know that no matter what you might think otherwise, she was not placed there but rather is a world champion high jumper.













After hours and hours of picking up packaging peanuts, vacuuming and sweeping floors, breaking down cardboard and meticulously arranging the contents of the box, I managed to find just the right amount of lighting to snap this picture. No one ever told me that preparing for a review could be so much work. Of course, it doesn’t help that my sidekick was more interested in eating the peanuts than picking them up.










With much anticipation, the case has been relieved of its cardboard chains. Now, I know what you are all thinking but this case is a work of art. Maybe not to the most sophisticated system builder but to me, it is unlike anything I’ve used in the past. Gone is the 35 pounds of sheet metal and in its place is a fairly simplistic, yet feature rich body. I didn’t even need to buy new fans. And Willow agrees. There is plenty of room to work inside here.










The power supply, a bit reminiscent of Medusa but it comes with its own bag! I am not sure why it comes with a bag but who can’t use another sack to store junk in.










Now folks, I’m going to spare you the boring bits of the build. There was much unboxing, much folding of cardboard and scattering of parts on the Official Test Work Bench™. I could show you the Twenty seven eight-by-ten colour glossy pictures with circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back of each one (Alice’s Restaurant lyrics © EMI Music Publishing) but I don’t think it would be very entertaining and I need not be sued because I caused your mouse wheel to burn out scrolling through them all. Instead, with the help of my sidekick, I shall show you the assembled product. Notice how she is giving it the curious eye?













It is quite a design of beauty with plenty of room for future expansion. For cleanliness, I have removed the majority of unused trays and spent some time hiding as many cables as possible. Generally, I am not concerned with cables and the like but then again, I’ve never had a case where someone could peek in the window and see my dirty house. Now, if only it would dust itself once in a while.

Disclaimer: Bearded Dragon shown in actual size, relative to the size of the case. 










I’d like to close this review by thanking AMD for the generous support with the AMD Test Drive program. It is extremely refreshing to be involved with a company that puts this much time and effort into its products and involves fans in the testing process. I truly am grateful to be one of the test drivers.

I would also like to thank my trusty sidekick, Willow. This build would probably have been quicker but she insisted on being in nearly every shot. You know starlets, they must always be the center of attention. In fact, she made me promise to include a head shot just in case anyone is looking for the next great model. She would like you know that she is quite capable of standing very still for long periods of time and is willing to work cheap.











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