Tribal Band Alliance Pleads for Participation










Tribal Band [TRIBE] pleads with their membership to help defend Fountain from The Evil Goonies<tm>.  Maybe if they can get just 20 more people to log in and fight, they can push us out of Deklein too!


tribal-band-logoThere is no more waiting, hesitating, or making any kind of excuse. There is no more expecting others to log in and join fleets. This is down to everyone who is able. The time is now. From every new-bro to every veteran. I am not typing this as some kind of “RA-RA’ speech. I post this here because we can no longer allow the CFC to advance any further. Fountain is the home of our Brothers in TEST and the front door to our Home in Period Basis. If Fountain falls we will likely loose PB. This is not a scare tactic but a hard and real truth. Some members in Tribe have spent the last 50 days fighting hard, fighting everyday, standing with our TEST brothers day in and day out, and fighting without rest. And I have no doubt they will keep fighting. But for those who have not joined in or have not been able to make alot of fights the fights coming up the next 24 hours are critical and the time to join your brothers in fleet is now. This means everything we got….Sub-Caps and Capitals. 

It is on all of us now. Every single last one of us are in this together and it will take us all to win. 

Right now EVE sits at a crossroad and has two futures. 

The first is we fail and the CFC takes fountain. We saw what happened when the Goons sat on there Throne of Tech. With it they were able to fund a war machine that has dominated EVE for the last few years. Even the largest alliances would not oppose them. If they seize fountain and further they will again have the re-occuring income that will again put them in a position of superiority. It will fund CFC infrastructure and likely ensure it’s dominance for the foreseeable future.

The second future is one where we seize the day. We fight like hell and we toss the CFC out of Fountain. Set VFK on fire and in the words of Booda “push them out the other side to low-sec.”. But to do this we must fight now. We draw this line here today and we stand shoulder to shoulder with our TEST Brothers. Not tomorrow, not next week, and not one minute more. We fight now, we protect our home, and we end the GOONS dominance of this game. 

The truth is nothing Mittens can do can change this. The choice is yours. If we and our TEST brothers step up now we can and will beat them. TRIBE has surprised many. We have grown the last year and we have displayed deep loyalty to those we stand with. Every day we keep our word to TEST and continue to show EVE why TRIBE BRO’s are Great Bro’s to have. We may not be “ELEET” but I will take a TRIBE or TEST BRO any day of the week over anyone else in this game and I will give every ship I have in defense of those same TRIBE and TEST Bro’s. Our alliances have something that Mittens wish’s he had and could not buy with all the isk in his war chest. Loyalty… We don’t buy the loyalty of our friends. We give it freely and without reservation.

This is our home. These are our brothers. And your time is now.



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