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Oh, Hi There!

Oh, Hi There!

It’s been 2 1/2 years since I last posted anything. While I have kept the back-end up to date, I just kind of lost all will to write or comment on anything.   Perhaps it is our social media culture shift and our need for short articles that cut to the point? I do, of course, […]

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This is the oft-visited, rarely-updated living space of Mike "DaiTengu" Miller. When I have something long and windy to say, you'll find it here.

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  • The #FakeNews media told @realDonaldTrump he was only supposed to look at the eclipse through solar glasses. So he… https://t.co/GsaqG60HHq 2 days ago
  • Tonight, @CutForTime was drunk enough to hug me and tell me how much we had in common as my wife looked on disapprovingly. #GreatestGen 1 week ago
  • Right to left: Raz, me, Plaveem, and the guy that introduced raz and Plaveem to the #GreatestGen BLAME HIM! https://t.co/l8dtMzv8Wj 1 week ago
  • @ottawamarble @BenjaminAhr @CutForTime Plaveem and Raz. https://t.co/ZamZMvCfKf 1 week ago
  • #GreatestGen podcast (@ Colectivo Coffee in Milwaukee, WI) https://t.co/OtLX5oUEaz 1 week ago

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